Our main mission is to keep the Bundesrat and all Länder (federal states) continuously informed about on-going discussions and decisions at EU level and in Council meetings of the European Union. This goes back to the Treaties of Rome where two representatives of the Länder were involved in all preliminary discussions. The workings of theLänderbeobachter (federal states observer) in its present form are regulated by a treaty of 24.10.1996.

The Länder accompany all EU legislations actively throughout their different stages, i.e. preparation of proposals by the Commission, discussions in the committees of the Council and decision making at Council and EU Parliament level.

The Länderbeobachter reports on the outcome of Council meetings within a few days, which keeps the Länder continuously informed and involved.  Furthermore it also reports on those policy areas where the Länder normally do not have any legislative competence. Each report contains an in depth assessment of facts prior to each Council meeting. Even the uninformed reader is able to follow the reporting and make use of its information.

The Länderbeobachter is financed by all 16 Länder according to a key depending on their tax revenue and population size. They have a say in its budget and personnel decisions.